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Shepherds Dell Falls

Posted in art, Artist, Columbia Gorge, Fine Art, Forest Scenes, Landscape Paintning, Oil Painting, Original Art, Original Oil Painting, painting, Plein Air, Realism, Uncategorized, Water Falls on March 13, 2008 by Jim Gola, Artist

Shepherds Dell Falls 

Most artists while on a plein-air jaunt, are at times faced with the unexpected. My friend Ron and I thought we had found the perfect place to paint. We didn’t stop to think how quickly the view

before us would disappear. As the afternoon sun streamed in over the falls, the foliage sang with the greens of the moment. Suddenly realizing that we were losing our view rapidly, I decided to switch my painting tools from brushes to palette knife. The race was on! As the sun began to sink to the right of my view, I placed the last stroke of the knife on the board.

Although this painting is a departure from my “normal” style, for me it did capture literally the moment. This painting is a small format work on Masonite board. The original is just 8×10 inches but through the miracle of high resolution print making, prints of much larger size are available.

 High Resolution Giclee prints of this painting are available by going to: