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Although I am not a pastel artist as a rule, I do like to try my hand at the sticks occasionally. This picture was derived from a visit to an artist friend of mine in Ridgefield, Washington. When leaving his residence and standing on his front porch, I turned looking west towards the Ridgefield Refuge. I was momentarily taken with the cloud formations with the bright sun streaks playing hide and seek behind them. I immediately ran to my car, got out my trusty Nikon and snapped a reference shot to work from at my studio. Although not a highly detailed or finished pastel, the essence of what had captured me is fairly accurate.


The Stone Wall – Columbia Gorge, Oregon

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There are times when the spark of the moment can’t be captured easily in oil or pastel.
This scene was photographed while walking along a rugged path that was protected by a stone wall somewhere in the Columbia Gorge scenic area in Oregon.
I wish I could have captured it on site as I had my oils with me, but I knew the flickering light would be gone as soon as I set up my easel and picked up some color on my brush.I had to content myself with trying to re-create the scene in the studio. This picture was completed in pastels which was new to me at the time.  I realized how difficult this might scene would be for me to do in oils due to the thousands of “points” of light that had to be captured.I was happy with the results. Using canned spray fix in some areas (the darker values) shot through a hole in some card stock helped me to “tone down” key areas at the edges of the painting. he highlights were done with pastel pencils crushing the color into the Wallis board. a number of soft stick pastels were used for some of broader highlights in
certain areas.  Pastels are a fun medium – but oils still rule in my studio.
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