Jackson Hole Sun Burst

This painting is one of those that say, “..damn the torpedoes” – I am going to paint what I want to paint regardless whether or not anyone “gets it”. The scene was one that repeats itself around the hills of Jackson, Wyoming during the raining season (October for this picture). I have never seen the sun create such an outline on the hills during sun bursts. My friend and I set up on the site and proceeded to record what we could until it started to rain. I grabbed my camera out of the truck, waited for another sun burst, snapped a picture and jumped into the truck with all my gear just in the nick of time. This is the result of the completed painting back in studio.


8 Responses to “Jackson Hole Sun Burst”

  1. Barry Williamson Says:

    This painting is a real challenge and I could see why many painters would avoid painting that dramatic hill. Nevertheless, I think that you have got away with it.

    1 It catches the eye. I couldn’t see myself walking past it iun a gallery without giving it a second look
    2 My eye is caught by the hill. Slides down the hill and along the houses and line of trees. Takes another slide down the hill ( I’m enjoying the exercise)
    3 Then my eye moves into the ground beyond the hill and into the dramatic cloudscape and eventually into the sun burst.

    Yes – I like it very much

  2. Bud Fields Says:

    I know exactly what you are painting here. You have a really good start and it is a promising start. The only thing that i can offer in a constructive manner is that the prominent hill is too smooth and even. Something to break up that “ski Junp” slope would make it even better.

    • Bud…

      You may be right on concerning the hillside texture. I had to search out the original photo and take a second look at it again. The hillside could stand a little more contrast where the shrubbery happens on the southwest side.
      As for breaking up the “Ski Slope?”- that would defeat my whole purpose in painting this scene. It was as if the Great Painter above took a big brush and made one great smooth swipe at the top of the hill. I like challenges when painting something that I have to really think through. This has been one of those paintings for me. It’s a memory keeper for me.

    • B..

      As you and Bud replied on this art blog insert for Jackson Hole Sun Burst. I am sending you both the actual photo online.
      You can readily see where I have changed the pic. The first day at this site, the sky was much darker than the attached which I took when I returned the second day. I was really surprised to see the same sun action on the hillside.


  3. Bud Fields Says:

    If there were more definition on the trees on the hillside it would give the impression of lessening the effect of the start ski slope and still maintain the effect you are trying to achieve. The tree at the bottom of the slope should maybe a little more defined to keep the eye from sliding right off the canvas.

    • Yeh, I think you are right. I will give a little more definition to the hill line at lower left and defire the schubbery a little more on the closet side of the hill. All I have to do, is know when to stop as one thing leads to another.


  4. Bud Fields Says:

    Do not over do it again.

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