Clark County Farm

Clark County Farm is as close as I can get to a title for this picture. A friend of mine sent me a snapshot of the old barn. It intrigued me and I proceeded to pencil in the barn forms on a larger format canvas. One thing led to another and lo and behold, an imaginary farm from a real barn in Clark County emerged.
I often take some delight in letting my imagination run wild. This was a very enjoyable painting to do as it took me back to some of my childhood memories while living on a farm in North Dakota as a youngster. Perhaps that is why the large red barn captured my attention.
Red barns and green John Deere tractors..the things memories are made of from the past.


5 Responses to “Clark County Farm”

  1. Barry Williamson Says:

    Hi G,

    As usual another well constructed painting and one that has little elements of Ireland in there too


  2. martha johnson Says:

    Jimmy, what a nice capture of rural america! hope all is well. Martha

  3. Jim Clippard Says:


    I was raised on a farm and you have brough my memories back.
    You are the best.

  4. Bud Fields Says:

    This painting has the potential of being a great painting. The road leading into the picture is good and is a part of good composition, however, your center of interest is divided between the two different buildings on each side of the painting. The building on the left is closer to where the center of interest should be located, but the road leads to the other house. I like the painting, except for the noted exceptions. You have a good one going there.

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