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The Refuge Cove

Posted in art, Artist, Fine Art, Landscape Paintning, Oil Painting, Original Art, Original Oil Painting, painting, Pastoral Scenes, Realism, Uncategorized on February 4, 2010 by Jim Gola, Artist

“Refuge Cove” is one of those paintings that started as a plein air experience and ended up as a studio painting. I am not a purist as some outdoor painters are in that they insist one should not put another brush stroke on the canvas after putting away their easel, although I have a great admiration for those who can do this. Back in the studio I can always see some improvement here and there on the canvas the next day. I may go out to the location again and finish the work, but invariably will depend on my memory of the experience complete the canvas. I was pleased to read that even the great plein air painter Corot, of the Barbizon School in France did the same thing. I would say that is not bad company to be in. This painting is currently on view at the Washington State University Art Gallery until march 26.