The Red Field

This painting turned into a journey I didn’t expect. I intended to do a study of field workers picking flowers for the commercial market. After spending several hours working on six figures of field workers, I felt fairly satisfied the way they integrated themselves into the painting, I retired for the night.

The next morning, upon walking into the studio, I glanced at the picture and my eyes immediately zeroed in on the workers. I saw that they were totally capitalizing on the composition of the picture. Without further ado, I took a linseed oil soaked rag and with a few swipes the field workers were gone.
 There are certain paintings that can stand on design elements alone. This may be one of them. The strong color forms elicit a sense for nature’s abstract qualities but still allow for the viewer’s placement into the picture. The old saying “less is more” seems to be apt for this work.


5 Responses to “The Red Field”

  1. Joan Cherrington Says:

    I love those colors! The whole picture has a kind of upward movement that lifts my spirits. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Tks Joan…

      I had placed this picture behind some other paintings after I painted it and had not looked at it for a couple of months. When I took it out last week and placed it on the easel, I thought it needed some human presence in it. I was wrong and wasted three hours of my time painting in the workers. Decisions, decisions, decisions….


  2. well done jim,the colours are so still have a good it.

  3. Cliff Campbell Says:

    The colors are exceptional Jim as well as the sense of dept of the view.

  4. It’s a beautiful painting.

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