Jerry’s Fields


The painting shown for this installment is simply called Jerry’s field. This field is just below our property in Woodland, Washington. No, there are no blooming flowers at this location of Jerry’s fields.
Over the years there has been everything from beans to corn and now turf (grass).
Jerry’s flower plantings are further up on the northern portion of this field.
So why did I show something that is not there? It is simple.
I can answer that question with a question.
Are flowers more colorful than grass, beans or corn? You bet!


6 Responses to “Jerry’s Fields”

  1. nancy knowles Says:

    Hi Jim,
    So the flowers are a mile away–so what! You used your “artistic license” which I’m sure is up to date! It still looks like the same area and is a lovely painting.

  2. Tks Nanc…

    NOPG meeting is tomorrow night. Bring your latest pastel or oil to the meeting. See you then.


  3. alicia8522 Says:

    That is smart and creative of you without any doubt. Now that is actually the job of an artist…… create things with imagination and reality combination. The painting is very beautiful, and has an enchanting view of the landscape. I like it.

    Art Oil Painting

  4. Hi Jim!

    It’s been awhile since I visited and dropped a note here.

    The painting reminded me of the landscapes I saw along the country road when I drove to wisconsin recently. Transforming the field of vegetation to colorful rapture of blooms in your artwork made it really extra special.

    Your works are really an inspiration in my continuous exploration with my arts. I recently finished my painting collection and created an online art portfolio in my web nook. I hope you can find time to check out my works.

    Thank you for your great inspiration to struggling artists like me finding our voice.

    Here’s the link that would take you through the pages of my art portfolio:

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    • Jeques,

      The painting of mine you mention is a “watershed” in my art. I am determined to be looser in my paint application for a fresher look. That was the first painting where I feel I have come near to achieving it. I have done four more since and still struggle to maintain that “feel”.

      I will put a few new works up shortly as soon as I shoot them.

      Your work is improving in composition and content. but…never be satisfied with your art. I feel you need to get a little more paint texture on your surfaces. I assume you are using oils, if not, forget what I said as other mediums do not measure up to oils for paint texture.

      I am never satisfied with my work. If I feel I am improving in color, then I try to improve on the actual texture of my paint on the canvas. We will never get it all together. Neither did the painters of the past. The website on the late famous artists are filled with their failures as well as their masterpieces. A good challenge is to make an effort to have every inch of your canvas interesting, even if it is a static background. Take a look at the work of a friend of mine, Brent Cotton – and see what I am talking about. Brent’s work is always full of mood and color even though he uses a very limited palette. That is his trademark, but also, his canvas’s are interesting wherever you look. Try to be critical of his surfaces, even it they show no detail. Where there is no detail, he makes every inch interesting with color and texture.

      To go to his website click on this link….

      Jim Gola

      -mail: Blog:

  5. Thank you very much for such great advise and for giving me a link to another artist that would surely help in my need to learn some more.

    Speaking of textures, yeah, I think I really need to work in that area some more, most of my works are overlaid. I continue to view works of established artists by visiting the museums and galleries, and they’re greatly of help in my pursuits of improving in my craft.

    Your works are inspiring.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

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