A story starts somewhere and in this instance it started from a view below our property. As some of you know, I seldom ever introduce people or critters in my paintings. Somehow I always think a static landscape view can be read into for what it is. Figures always introduce a story in the mind of the viewer. This painting started as a “pure” landscape, i.e. no critters, but on continuing advice from my friends,the painting name changed to ‘Anticipation”. You can make of it what you will. I can look past the figures.
Hmmm, maybe I could have just called this picture “A Fall Afternoon” without the additional flesh and blood?
Your comments are always welcome.
Thanks for looking. That is what art is all about.


4 Responses to “Anticipation”

  1. Bob Hedge Says:

    Jim, I like your friends advice. and I like your name, Anticipation.

    Even better I (being an Old cornhusker) like
    Anticipation on a fall afternoon.

    Keep on keeping on!

  2. Barry Williamson Says:

    I really like the construction of this painting. My eye has to take a little journey around the scene and do a bit of investigating on the way.


  3. I like the introduction of the hunter –
    Good painting!


  4. nancy knowles Says:

    I think the figure is a good addition to this painting. It seems to me that many times hunters just enjoy being out there even if they don’t shoot a thing–maybe that is what is happening here.

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