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Jerry’s Fields

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The painting shown for this installment is simply called Jerry’s field. This field is just below our property in Woodland, Washington. No, there are no blooming flowers at this location of Jerry’s fields.
Over the years there has been everything from beans to corn and now turf (grass).
Jerry’s flower plantings are further up on the northern portion of this field.
So why did I show something that is not there? It is simple.
I can answer that question with a question.
Are flowers more colorful than grass, beans or corn? You bet!



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 A story starts somewhere and in this instance it started from a view below our property. As some of you know, I seldom ever introduce people or critters in my paintings. Somehow I always think a static landscape view can be read into for what it is. Figures always introduce a story in the mind of the viewer. This painting started as a “pure” landscape, i.e. no critters, but on continuing advice from my friends,the painting name changed to ‘Anticipation”. You can make of it what you will. I can look past the figures.
Hmmm, maybe I could have just called this picture “A Fall Afternoon” without the additional flesh and blood?
Your comments are always welcome.
Thanks for looking. That is what art is all about.