This is an imaginative exercise. I occasionally will rough in a few trees and see where the painting takes me from there. It is an ongoing “thing”. I never know exactly where or when the painting exercise will end. It may take form as a sunny day, an early morning, evening or even a night scene. In this case I elected to work up some late evening colors. A simple evaporating reddish sky with an invisible sun re-ceding at the center of the picture was the result. The center of interest is fleeting along with the sun as I can’t quit put my finger at where the eye travels upon entering the frame. You be the judge and let me know your feelings on this one. I love criticism.


3 Responses to “ROCK CREEK 2009”

  1. Very unusual, Jim, and I love it. Actually, this has a lot of movement for a landscape. Amazing.

  2. nancyknowles Says:

    Hmmmm, Jim. To me this looks like Lucia Falls set down at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge–two of your favorite places, I know! It is a nice painting! I don’t want to pick it apart. (Besides, you have been known to totally repaint something if it doesn’t suit you) My only slight suggestion is to make the upper right hand corner a little less contrast-y–it draws my eye away–and I don’t feel that you really need the sky showing there to make your point of interest better….

  3. Nancy…

    Good comment! Can you believe that upper right corner “tree hole” is one of the last things I added to the painting. I think you are right. I will paint it out (re-tree it!) and see how it looks. Still..there is really no center of interest that I can put my finger on. It is more of a composite picture.


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