Paradise Point Bridge Winter 09


It was cold winter morning walk along the East Fork of the Lewis River. A pervading dampness was in the air from the melting snow. Interstate Highway 5 State Park Bridge in the background. What makes a painting? I sometimes ask myself.  It would seem that I am the only one that could relate to this scene. The famous landscape painter George Inness (1825-1894) said that all that is required of a painting is that one elicits an emotion when viewing it. Let’s just go with that.


2 Responses to “Paradise Point Bridge Winter 09”

  1. Ron Smothers Says:


    Well this painting certainly elicits an emotion, especially so for a thin blooded Californian like me. It really tells the story of winter, the season that sends plant life to surviving within its very core. And, it reminds you of those times when you’ve been caught outside with to little on to keep you warm.

    Jim, this is a great painting, one of your best I’d say. But it also reminds me of other snowy scenes you have painted that impressed me with their bone chilling qualities.

    Keep up the great work.

    Ron S.

    • Ron..

      Tks for compliment. That is sort of ironic to me that you think this one of my best works. Nancy Knowles made th same comment to me on this one. I respect the work of both of you equally.
      Compliments from fellow painters on an effort are always appreciated in a special way from outside observers.

      Tks again.

      ..and enjoy the warm weather down there. I am anxious to see what you paint while there. Set up a blog and show them off when you get around to it.


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