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This is an imaginative exercise. I occasionally will rough in a few trees and see where the painting takes me from there. It is an ongoing “thing”. I never know exactly where or when the painting exercise will end. It may take form as a sunny day, an early morning, evening or even a night scene. In this case I elected to work up some late evening colors. A simple evaporating reddish sky with an invisible sun re-ceding at the center of the picture was the result. The center of interest is fleeting along with the sun as I can’t quit put my finger at where the eye travels upon entering the frame. You be the judge and let me know your feelings on this one. I love criticism.


Paradise Point Bridge Winter 09

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It was cold winter morning walk along the East Fork of the Lewis River. A pervading dampness was in the air from the melting snow. Interstate Highway 5 State Park Bridge in the background. What makes a painting? I sometimes ask myself.  It would seem that I am the only one that could relate to this scene. The famous landscape painter George Inness (1825-1894) said that all that is required of a painting is that one elicits an emotion when viewing it. Let’s just go with that.


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“Winter’s Edge” was painted a day after an early snowfall in Woodland, Washington. The scene could be anywhere there are rivers with wooded banks. I was struck by the patterns created by color and shape. This is a somewhat minimal painting pertaining to subject matter but I feel it has been compensated with the soft colors of a cold day.

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