Late Summer Afternoon


“Late Summer Afternoon” is a 24” X 30” stretched canvas oil painting on a sepia toned surface. This is a larger format painting than I have been doing lately. I must say it was a lot of fun using arm movement for a change rather than just wrist movement. There is a certain spontaneity retained in larger format works. The only problem I encounter is that one needs a person standing behind the artist with a wooden hammer ready to tell him or her to stop painting before going past the “painting done” mark.
A framable Giclee archive prepared print of this painting is  available from Fine Art America.
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3 Responses to “Late Summer Afternoon”

  1. Lovely painting Jim, good feel to it. Be good to the person who hit you over your head to “stop” so that he/she will join you on all your painting excursions. – And! would you please share this person with me!


  2. jim,well done.i have enjoyed looking at your paintings throughout 2008 and will enjoy many more in the new yr.have a gd 2009

  3. This painting makes me want to shirk work, pack a picnic lunch and find this lovely place.

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