Sacred Heart Chapel Paris


The Sacred Heart Chapel (Sacre-Coeur) in Paris.

Brother Tom and Sister Barbara Baker –
I removed this painting from your office wall six or more months ago to re-varnish it and to find a better frame for it. The more I looked at the “thing”, I realized my painting ability had slightly improved from 1972 when I painted this picture (well..not this picture).

I started to do a little re-touching here and there and before I knew it, I was repainting the entire picture. It went from a summer scene with green trees to a fall scene. I just could not help myself. I admit I was influenced by looking out my studio window at the fall colors.
Anyway, the damage is done!

I am still looking for another more suitable  frame for the picture. I destroyed the old frame getting the picture removed from it. I had nailed the picture into the frame.
Well, I nailed it wayback in 1972. I wouldn’t do that now.

Anyway, I hope you agree with me. The painting is much improved with the new season it carries. I hope you like it.. I do. I will bring it with me when I see you.

Your brother,

PS You may obtain digital Giclee prints of this picture by going to the link below..


One Response to “Sacred Heart Chapel Paris”

  1. Jimmy, yes I think that the picture has greatly improved. You are a seasoned artist now!! Tom and I look forward to hanging your painting back up in our office, as a matter of fact I think we have found another painting of yours dating back to 1972, lets see what you can do with that one.

    Thank you Jimmy, you have always been a great brother to me.

    Love, Barb

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