View From My Studio Window


“View From My Studio Window” is another experiment with an oil wash under painting. The pastels were applied over the surface when the oil wash had dried. The board was primed with “Golden” Acrylic Ground for Pastels. It gave me a good tooth to work on after the oil wash had dried. I must admit, “Wallis” paper or some other commercial pastel surface does take to pastel more easily. This is the second time I have tried this. I may not go about it again in the same way. It created a challenge for me as I used a little “Galkyd” as an oil thinning medium and the surface dried a little glossy. The overall look of the picture has a more subdued coloring than my full oils do. I thought it would be the opposite. It just goes to show that we don’t know everything we sometimes perceive will be the outcome.


2 Responses to “View From My Studio Window”

  1. Hello: As often happens on the internet, I was surfing for something totally different & came upon your page. Just wanted to let you know how beautiful I found your work . . . touching, well-done & came to me at just the right moment. All the best of success to a talented artist!

    ~ Linda J. Alexander

  2. nancy knowles Says:

    Nice work, Jim. You didn’t mention what the board was–I know you like to work on Pastelbord, but surely you didn’t need to prime that? I’m guessing it was just plain birch or masonite? Let us know how your next experiment turns out!

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