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Late Summer Afternoon

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“Late Summer Afternoon” is a 24” X 30” stretched canvas oil painting on a sepia toned surface. This is a larger format painting than I have been doing lately. I must say it was a lot of fun using arm movement for a change rather than just wrist movement. There is a certain spontaneity retained in larger format works. The only problem I encounter is that one needs a person standing behind the artist with a wooden hammer ready to tell him or her to stop painting before going past the “painting done” mark.
A framable Giclee archive prepared print of this painting is  available from Fine Art America.
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Sacred Heart Chapel Paris

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The Sacred Heart Chapel (Sacre-Coeur) in Paris.

Brother Tom and Sister Barbara Baker –
I removed this painting from your office wall six or more months ago to re-varnish it and to find a better frame for it. The more I looked at the “thing”, I realized my painting ability had slightly improved from 1972 when I painted this picture (well..not this picture).

I started to do a little re-touching here and there and before I knew it, I was repainting the entire picture. It went from a summer scene with green trees to a fall scene. I just could not help myself. I admit I was influenced by looking out my studio window at the fall colors.
Anyway, the damage is done!

I am still looking for another more suitable  frame for the picture. I destroyed the old frame getting the picture removed from it. I had nailed the picture into the frame.
Well, I nailed it wayback in 1972. I wouldn’t do that now.

Anyway, I hope you agree with me. The painting is much improved with the new season it carries. I hope you like it.. I do. I will bring it with me when I see you.

Your brother,

PS You may obtain digital Giclee prints of this picture by going to the link below..

View From My Studio Window

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“View From My Studio Window” is another experiment with an oil wash under painting. The pastels were applied over the surface when the oil wash had dried. The board was primed with “Golden” Acrylic Ground for Pastels. It gave me a good tooth to work on after the oil wash had dried. I must admit, “Wallis” paper or some other commercial pastel surface does take to pastel more easily. This is the second time I have tried this. I may not go about it again in the same way. It created a challenge for me as I used a little “Galkyd” as an oil thinning medium and the surface dried a little glossy. The overall look of the picture has a more subdued coloring than my full oils do. I thought it would be the opposite. It just goes to show that we don’t know everything we sometimes perceive will be the outcome.