The Turf Fields



 “Turf Fields” is a oil on Masonite board painting captured in digital referance shots during my morning walk with my dog in the farmer’s fields. The picture shows a portion of an 80 acre farming parcel. These parcels go from beans to corn to flowers – and presently to turf (marketable lawn grass). Watching the changing colors with time go from bright yellow green to a rich cadmium green (when ready to harvest) is a fun thing to see. Obviously, I could not set up my easel on this late spring day and get all this on canvas before the fog had drifted to it’s new invisible location. This painting is only a 12” x 24” long format so I could not use my usual assortment of larger brushes. Perhaps this is why the painting is a little “tighter” than normal.


For a print of this painting, go to…


2 Responses to “The Turf Fields”

  1. Luminescent!


  2. hi jim,just popped in to see the latest on your paintings. its a great one.

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