Glen Gesh Pass

Glen Gesh Pass is a rework on an earlier version. Attempting to capture the multitude of greens actually envisioned is an impossible task (for me) although I think there are artists who have the talent to do just that. I think of Richard Schmid, Aspevig and Handell and others. Ireland has an atmosphere and skyline all her own. We retain memories of physically being there but to mix colors in a tube is altogether another matter. Glen Gesh Pass is an attempt but not even close to what the eyes beheld.


3 Responses to “Glen Gesh Pass”

  1. Jim, I like the feel of this. The looking down from a pass into a three dimensional valley — works.


  2. Barry Williamson Says:

    Hi G,

    You’ve done a great job here. I especially like the clouds just touching the surface. Greens are great with tremendous variety. God has a bigger paint pot but you’ve given him a run for his money


  3. Nice painting, from the area myself , like the colourS

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