Although I am not a pastel artist as a rule, I do like to try my hand at the sticks occasionally. This picture was derived from a visit to an artist friend of mine in Ridgefield, Washington. When leaving his residence and standing on his front porch, I turned looking west towards the Ridgefield Refuge. I was momentarily taken with the cloud formations with the bright sun streaks playing hide and seek behind them. I immediately ran to my car, got out my trusty Nikon and snapped a reference shot to work from at my studio. Although not a highly detailed or finished pastel, the essence of what had captured me is fairly accurate.


3 Responses to “SUNBURST”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Great work Jim – I’ve never done pastels – my g/f loved them. Still trying to master oils lol. Keep up your blog!

  2. Hi Jim, just found your site, beautiful work with great color contrast.

  3. Barry Williamson Says:

    You’ve really captured the immediacy of the moment. I paricularly like the range of sky colours.


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