Way to Ardara – Ireland

“Way to Ardara” is another painting based on my “03” trip to Ireland. It was one of those days where the “greens” were of multiple hues and values, overcast but still bright. I stopped my rental car along the edge of the narrow road and took a number of bracketed reference shots to bring back home with me. The good thing about high resolution digitals over paper photo reference shots is that they look almost as good on the backlit computer screen as in reality, but not quite as exciting. This is a small 8” x 10” painting on canvas board. Giclee prints are still available by going to http://www.FineArtAmerica.com  or clicking on this link.


2 Responses to “Way to Ardara – Ireland”

  1. Barry Williamson Says:

    Great work. As an Irishman I can just tell others that the greens just speak of Ireland. They are rich and varied. Quite a challenge to make them so interesting and not just a green splodge.

    The light just looks so natural. Wait a moment and a short shower of rain will arrive.


  2. Barry..

    You took me back to my motor scooter days in Derry. Driving from Derry to Belfast, it seemed to rain every fifteen minutes between drying times.
    At our young ages then, it didn’t seem to metter much as it would now.


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