Daily Bread

“Daily Bread” number one of a three part series utilizing basically the same articles in the set-up.

The main objective in this exercise was the challenge of painting the textures and shapes of everyday objects. Scroll down to see the other two versions of “Daily Bread”. Prints are available of all three of these paintings prepared using Giclee archive inks on paper or canvas. Go to my print website, http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/jim-gola.html
Scroll to the appropriate thumbnail to enlarge. Matting and framing is also available from Fine Art America. Thanks for looking.



2 Responses to “Daily Bread”

  1. nancy knowles Says:

    They are all nice, but I like the first version best! You are very good at still life painting, and I like the fact that it is a painting a man would enjoy receiving as a gift –so much of the still life work I have seen is rather feminine in nature. Not that that is bad–I just feel the men are a little under -represented.

  2. What a great idea and extremely successful too! Colors, compositions, everything. Really nice, Jim.

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