Lightburst-Jackson Hole, WY

LightBurst-Jackson Hole

“Lightburst” portrays a moment in time during our groups paint out at Jackson Hole, WY. This is not particularly a “pretty” landscape but one that impressed me with the dark and bright values of the scene. Surprisingly, the hillside was repeatedly lit up by a “burst” for a number of times. I was fortunate in capturing the moment with my digital and did go back to site after the rain stopped and blocked in the scene. The original is an oil on board, 12” x 16’ in size.

For color Giclee print of this painting, go to my print maker at Fine Art America:


3 Responses to “Lightburst-Jackson Hole, WY”

  1. I remember that spot well, Jim. We were painting on the covered observation deck at the Welcome Center with the cold rain chilling us to our bones. We were so intensely concentrating on the challenge of the canvas before us that we didn’t realize that the cold rain had changed to snow on that distant hill. You did a nice job, Jim. And without the goosebumps.

  2. Colleen Says:

    Beautiful job Jim – envious – Jackson Hole – cool!!

  3. Barry Williamson Says:

    Hi Jim,

    You certainly captured the atmosphere at a moment in time. I can certainly believe that it was a cold, wet day. The light catching the edge of the hill just gives the whole scene a lift.


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