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Sailor’s Delight

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“Sailor’s Delight” This painting is part of my “painting a day” series in which I produced 30 paintings during the month of August, 2007. The exercises were designed to allow me to think in terms of a limited palette while executing the paintings with a loose abandon, the end result being more spontaneity in the series. You may order prints of this painting in various sizes by going to Fine Art America at:


Daddy Teton

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Daddy Teton
Painted directly from a reference digital while visiting the Grand Tetons.
A 12” x 16” Oil on board. Mountain scenes are not particularly one of my specialties. This view was one that a painter like Richard Schmid could complete with just a few strokes of his brush and make it extremely convincing. It was a good exercise for me. I felt what the painting lacked in being realistically convincing could still be fun experimenting with color. Realizing there are different strokes for different folks, a print is still available form Fine Art America.

If interested, you may visit there by clicking on the link below.

Shepherds Dell Falls

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Shepherds Dell Falls 

Most artists while on a plein-air jaunt, are at times faced with the unexpected. My friend Ron and I thought we had found the perfect place to paint. We didn’t stop to think how quickly the view

before us would disappear. As the afternoon sun streamed in over the falls, the foliage sang with the greens of the moment. Suddenly realizing that we were losing our view rapidly, I decided to switch my painting tools from brushes to palette knife. The race was on! As the sun began to sink to the right of my view, I placed the last stroke of the knife on the board.

Although this painting is a departure from my “normal” style, for me it did capture literally the moment. This painting is a small format work on Masonite board. The original is just 8×10 inches but through the miracle of high resolution print making, prints of much larger size are available.

 High Resolution Giclee prints of this painting are available by going to:

Lightburst-Jackson Hole, WY

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LightBurst-Jackson Hole

“Lightburst” portrays a moment in time during our groups paint out at Jackson Hole, WY. This is not particularly a “pretty” landscape but one that impressed me with the dark and bright values of the scene. Surprisingly, the hillside was repeatedly lit up by a “burst” for a number of times. I was fortunate in capturing the moment with my digital and did go back to site after the rain stopped and blocked in the scene. The original is an oil on board, 12” x 16’ in size.

For color Giclee print of this painting, go to my print maker at Fine Art America:

Time and Old Friends

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Time and Old Friends 

I have not done a lot of still life paintings during the past few years. That is going to change. It is my understanding that still life paintings are the least likely to sell in galleries. I don’t know why this is as we have a host of great still life artists practicing in America today. Perhaps it is because many paint still life works do not have a story to tell.
When I was fifteen years old, I fell in love with Michael W. Harnett’s (1848-1892) paintings.
Even now at age 70, I still stand transfixed at his handling of paint and colors. It was Harnett’s work that initially interested me in painting. If anyone was to be given credit for starting me out, it was this artist. I grew up in Philadelphia (the city of art) as a kid. Original Harnett works were easy to locate and view. I studied them intensely. My style of still life painting is much influenced by this study of his work. In the next few months, I will be putting up a few of my recent paintings depicting items I find in my scrounging around antique stores. I hope the upcoming series will reflect a little of what my long gone Master, Michael Harnett has taught me. “Time and Old” friends was painting a few years ago.
It is one of my “keepers”. I hope you can “read” into it.
For an actual size Giclee color print of this painting, press my link to Fine Art America…