Winter of “04” Jim Gola, Artist

Winter of 04 

Winter of “04” has been hanging on one of my walls since that year. The more I look at it, I marvel at how little time it took to paint the picture. It is one of those minimalist paintings that seem to generate an emotion with very little color. I value this little work as much as many of my larger more extravagant efforts. The view was taken from the hillside access road to my home during a winter snowstorm of that period. It is unfortunate that a 92 pixel reproduction will not do justice to the subtle changes of color and texture on this canvas.

For Giclee prints of this painting, go to Fine Art America by clicking on the link below;


3 Responses to “Winter of “04” Jim Gola, Artist”

  1. Beautiful, it really captures the feel of a snowy day, not just the image. You can see the weight of snow on the trees.

  2. Bookbabie..
    Tks for compliment on such a small undertaking. You are right on what I attempted to capture, i.e, the (white out) emotion of the moment. My golfing umbrella came in very handy that day. Your site looks interesting, I will tag it and look at it more closely later. keep your pencil sharp!
    Jim Gola


    Hi Jim,

    A lovely piece of work. I really feel the cold in this quiet, snow laden landscape


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