Inside the Dike – Woodland, WA


“Inside the Dike”, an 11” x 14” Oil on Masonite painted late summer 2007. An artist is always “on the lookout” for something that might catch his of her attention, thus sparking the idea for a new painting. To my mind’s eye, in this instance, it was the tree in the foreground that was just beginning to turn Fall orange from the top down. My memory for a fleeting instant recalled a painting by George Inness entitled “Hackensack Meadows” where a similar tree placement may have been the impetus for his painting. It is amazing how the oil painting Masters of old manage to hold us hostage to their work. The color in this painting is especially strong, maybe even brassy to some of you. If you are wondering – the small vertical white strokes in the lower right hand portion of the painting are irrigation pipe stub ups. Most of them have been damaged through miscalculated turns by farm tractors during years past. This painting is also on my Giclee print availability web site, Fine Art America. Prints may be obtained sized very close to the original painting dimensions. Mats and frames are also available from this site. Please go to:


One Response to “Inside the Dike – Woodland, WA”

  1. melita ryan Says:

    this painting has a lovely warm feeling.good work jim

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