“Dusk at the Refuge” Jim Gola, Artist

Dusk at the Refuge 

 “Dusk at the Refuge” 12 x 16, Oil on Masonite, 2006 was a break out of the box thing for me. This painting is as simplistic a scene as I had painted up to this point in time.
I have since then been experimenting with keeping my landscapes as pictorially “pure” as possible while using a minimum number of colors. My goal in this was to give the impression of the use of a full palette. It seems to me this can be done by using more color values and less colors.
By keeping the contrast of my work on a relatively more intense side, I think I was able to achieve this.

The past few years I have noticed that my work is becoming more intense when in reality my initial intention was to keep my palette toned down.
Oh, the human mind, who can know it?
It just can’t keep us in check.

You may purchase Color Giclee prints of this painting by going to my Print on Demand website at:



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