Apple Orchard, Oil on Canvas


I could have called this a “View from the Artist’s Window”, as it is the actual view from a window on the west side of my studio painting area.
Although I obviously did not execute this painting during sun down, I did start the work in late afternoon.
As the sun will vanish beneath the horizon in this very spot during mid summer, I took a little of the priviledged artist’s license to modify the values of my colors.

Yes…I know my orchard is in dire need of pruning. Any volunteers?

This 18″ x 24″ framed painting is currently being exhibited at the Nevado Gallery in Camas, Washington. 
E-mail for the Nevado Gallery is .
This painting my also be ordered in the form of small Giclee prints directly from:


15 Responses to “Apple Orchard, Oil on Canvas”

  1. Wow, I love this one, great contrast and balance.

  2. It has a wonderful sense of exuberant spontaneity, Jim. If you’d trimmed your orchard, you would have lost that. It looks great.

  3. Ron Smothers Says:

    Very nice Jim! You really captured the intensity of the sun by reducing the contrast between the tree trunk and sun. Very nice! I agree with Beth’s comment as well. This really is a very nice painting, Jim.

  4. Gorgeous light! Beautiful subject..can almost smell the apples!

  5. This is the first painting I have seen from Jim Gola that has a cloud-less sky. How can this be?
    Good one, Jim.

  6. Hey Bud…
    There was not any room in the painting for clouds or I would have put some in…for sure. I had a ball doing that number as I really like greens as everyone knows. If I get the picture back from the Nevado gallery, I might just pass a thin coat of dark glaze over the green areas to further accent the contrast. There is no one in the studio with a hammer to stop me – so I might as well go at it.

  7. Celeste..

    At the time of year I painted the “Orchard” the apples were too green to eat. Come to think of it, I can’t even see one apple in my painting…hmmmm.


  8. Hi Jim,

    Love this painting. You captured the scene perfectly.

    Beautiful work!

  9. melita ryan Says:

    hi jim, the green of the tree r lovely n i love the way u capyured the sun between them.

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  11. Addie Fraser Says:

    Love the orchard painting. The old trees are the best. Addy

  12. George…

    your comments of two years ago…

    2008/03/14 at 12:59pm
    Hi Jim
    I am an author and art critic, normally I am labasting art on the net due to the insipidness of the images that cram themselves over the electronic galleries that dwell on the web. And in general terms I have always held the opinion that the web is good for reference and little else. To some extent I stand by this view, however with the onset on better pc’s and subsequent increased viewing possibilities I have to admit it is getting better. Which brings me neatly to your blog. From an image view do you feel that using black as a background is viable? Do you not think that dark grey and orange on black (sic:the writing) whilst is ‘cool’ and contemporary, not a little harsh on the eye?
    The images also may suffer from accuracy of colour conveyance and maybe they are ‘flattered’ by a sense of the eye having to deepen the mid tonal values to appreciate the highlights in the overall image.
    Have you tries white base with a shadow behind the image to lift it off the page?..I am completing a critic of art on the web for a book and would be grateful for your comments.
    Regards and keep up the nice work.
    George Barry.

    I am now using a white background. Go to

    Jim Gola

  13. i love to visit art galleries both home and abroad, art has been my life:-`

  14. Have an old painting my mother had, i,m 53 and can remember this since i was a small boy. Not sure but it is signed GOLA the G is a little funny though. Looks like C with a small tornado coming up to form the G. Very cool, of a three mast ship coming to port in tow by steamed tug.

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