Ridgefield Reserve – Early Fall


“Ridgefield Reserve – Early Fall” – a 12” x 24’ oil on stretched canvas was executed in late summer. Although the water in this scene is the the main focal point, one’s eye then tends to move toward the distant trees on the left.  The trees have been glazed with a thinned layer of Hansa Yellow over a intermix of Titanium White and Cad Yellow Medium with a touch of burnt sienna in the shaded areas. As many of my artist friends know, for the most part, I am not a “sunny sky” painter. I modify the sky portion(s) of my landscapes fairly extensively at times. This sunny day sky is a departure for me as the majority of my posts indicate.

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3 Responses to “Ridgefield Reserve – Early Fall”

  1. Can you piant sone birds in this painting,it wil make it more alive.
    P.S.this sky is so much nicer.


  2. nancyknowles Says:

    I like this one, Jim. I think you should paint sunny skies a little more often! I can’t tell from the picture though–are there any geese flying in? Even if there aren’t, this painting appeals to me–it is a good painting of a place I love.

  3. Leonard Mei Says:

    HI Gola,
    They just keep getting better and better! Keep it up. Seeing these makes me want to get the watercolors out again. Maybe, we could build a custom there?? Ha!!

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