Near the Tetons

Near the Tetons

“Near the Tetons” is really a pure exercise in attempting to use texture to pull off a landscape with limited planes (foreground, middle and distant). Admittedly, this was my third “retouch” after accepting some criticism from artist friends. I thought the key was to emphasize the foreground area in some limited detail, but then I lost the handle on pulling attention to the peak itself. This is my final version. It will not be touched with a brush except for the final varnish.
On this one, think I know when to stop!

The painting was executed on 3/8” thick Masonite, twice primed and painted with a very limited palette. All three key blues – Cerulean, cobalt and ultramarine were used. An intermix of alizarin crimson, burnt sienna with touches of cad orange for depth of the limited planes. Titanium white for the bright areas.

Beside using my normal grouping of hoghairs, I reverted to the palette knife to “hang” the snow where I really needed the white accents.

If I have to comment on this myself, I can do it in one word….”Cold!!”.

…and your comments are also welcome, pro and con, I entertain them all.

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7 Responses to “Near the Tetons”

  1. Jim,
    It looks better than when I last saw this painting. For sure.

  2. The Gilbert's Says:

    Very nice looks cold I guess that is what you want, right. Very majestic. Can not critic as I can’t even paint a house. Love to see your work

  3. melita ryan Says:

    lovely 2 lk at,but too cold for me.

  4. Bud…

    To be honest with you. I think it ended up very close to the original before I revised it. The emphasis is back where I think it should be…on the peak. Everything else is subservient.


  5. Barry Williamson Says:

    Hi Jim,

    You really set yourself a challenge with this one. I think that you have a good sense of distance and the focus is nicely on the peak. There aren’t too many such peaks in Ireland unfortunately.

  6. This looks perfect and flawless for me, Jim.

    I thought I’m seeing a real picture from a magazine. It’s so real.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    I wish you will.

    ~ Jeques

  7. Elizabeth Madrigal Says:

    At first I was going to comment on ‘Battle Ground Park’ and how much I loved it, then I saw ‘Refuge at Dusk’ and ‘View from the Artist’s Window’, etc., and I thought, heck. They are all so beautiful, how can I tell Jim I have a favorite?

    Can’t wait to see what you’ll exhibit in the Ridgefield, Washington, Art Show May 9th and 10th!

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