The Timberline – Mt. Hood Forest


“Timberline – Mt. Hood Forest” is a painting that hangs together almost totally by color as the subject matter is
minimal. I had toyed with the idea of introducing either an elk or an eagle in flight in the center of the composition. After executing the eagle just above the center horizon, I realized I had changed the whole idea of the moment that
I had visualized in this compositon and immediately painted the bird out. I know there would be those who would disagree with me on this, but the artist has to be true to his or her original visualization. Sometimes we paint for the
one in a hundred of which we are a kindred spirit.

The 18″ x 24″ painting was executed on 3/8” Masonite with my usual double primed Gesso surface. The colors used as shown were a minimal palette of my two blues, Ultramarine and cobalt blue intermixed with burnt sienna with just small 
touches of alizarin crimson intermix. The sunset was a mix of titanium white, cad yellow light with glazes of cad orange.
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7 Responses to “The Timberline – Mt. Hood Forest”

  1. Beautifully executed, taking me to the scene as if I’m there ~ my mind achieved a certain peace and quiet just viewing this.

    Your works are inspiring.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. Ooo. This is stunning. I dig it.

  3. your work is beautiful.makes me wish i was there. all the best melita

  4. Eliabeth Madrigal Says:

    Hi Jim!

    Great blog and painting. Keep up the great work. How’s it working for you, anyway?

    Happy holidays in the meantime,
    Elizabeth Madrigal

  5. Very nice work Gola. The yellow and purple really pop. I like the simplicity, glad you didn’t add wildlife to it. Very good job. Merry Christmas amigo.

  6. Jim, I loved it. Marion

  7. I love it! I want it!

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