Let’s talk oil painting….

The Ancient One
The design of custom residences has been my primary mode of earning a living for the past 40 years.
These pursuits have traveled alongside the one that has put the bread and butter on our table. I have always had a continuous involvement with most forms of graphic art, in particular, that of my first love, oil painting.
Included on my web site are a few earlier artistic “accomplishments” coupled with my latest trip paintings. The above quotes bordering the word “accomplishments” indicate that the challenges are always great when re-entering the fine art arena after exiting the commercial field.
As an artist, I am currently greatly enamored with landscape painting including plein air work. My influences are mainly derived from French artists of the Barbizon School alongside the late great American landscape artist George Inness.
For the past twenty years I have ingested much of his work, both viewing his actual painting surfaces in the originals and in the many excellent publications available on his life and work.
This is my first attempt at providing a blog concerning art to converse with my friends and collectors.
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golaport2bwart.jpg Your comments are always welcome.

 Jim Gola, Artist


7 Responses to “Let’s talk oil painting….”

  1. Tell us about the painting for this post Gola, I really like the color, and lighting. Where is it, and when did you paint it? Congrats on the new blog.

  2. Ryan..

    It is an 18 x 24 format on 1/4” thick Masonite, primed with Gesso, twice in thick, rough fashion. This is usually a “too large” size for me to paint Plein air on, but once started on the view, I went for it. As I use a painting accelerator painting medium the work started to tack up too quickly so I switch to palette knives with a final touch touch-up. The quick setting up of the paint forced me to make some quick decisions, therefore the finished work has a real sense of immediacy of execution about it. I had this painting for sale in a couple of shows, but as we artists sometimes do, it is now on my bedroom wall. It may be a keeper for awhile.
    It was painted on a sunny afternoon on the southern portion of the Ridgefield Refuge. I titled it “The Ancient One” as this seemed to be almost the solitary tree in the foreground of our viewpoint.


  3. Sunny afternoon colors captured on canvas. The title is perfect and added interest to this fine creation.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  4. Scott Hanson Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed my jaunt into the art world of my good buddy Gola keep up the good work you are very talented though I have known that for along time as your work hangs in my house.

  5. Awesome paintings. Your works have inspired some great watercolor paintings. I like the painting of Lucia Falls.

  6. most n most of lightness n beuty!

  7. Like the work Jim, very well done!

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